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From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 13:35:05 MDT

> Your meter is excellent, that's very rare.

It may not match the actual song perfectly, I don't have it
on mp3 and it's been quite a while since it was constantly
playing on the radio.

>> So you've got layering but where's the cognitive work?
> So you've got layering but where's the cognitive touch?

'Cognitive work' is one of Eliezer's signature phrases. I'm
not sure what 'cognitive touch' would mean.
>> And all that directed evolution supposed to sort it out,
> And all that managed evolution oughta be so fine

'Directed evolution' is a semi-technical term that I use far
too much, though come to think of it 'managed evolution' is
probably a better summary of my later designs in this area.

>> Okay, so you've got a neural net,
>> That don't impress me much,
>> So you've made it spiking but can you train it?
> Spking?

Modelling individual neuron firings as opposed to just integrating
the pulse train into an 'output level'. Spiking NNs are the latest
major trend in connectionism; Artificial Development are trying to
build an AGI out of a huge spiking net.
>> You're one of those coders who actually likes PROLOG,
>> You make me write a formal spec before I touch your IDE,
> I don't see how that's an insult. :-)

Sadly, I have to agree, but I wrote this a few months back
before I realised that formalism actually works if you know how
do it properly (I had a lot of bad experiences with people who
didn't know how to formalise properly in my student days).
>> I can't believe you think AIXI is a good model,
> I can't believe you dream hex at night

I don't think this is an AGI problem; on the contrary algorithm
theory types tend not to be into low-level implementation detail.
Anyone doing heavy bit twiddling and/or assembly coding is
probably susceptible to hex dreams.
>> So you got the maths but is it tractable?
> So you got the maths but where's the cognitive touch?

I know it's supposed to be a chorus, but you removed some
of my best put-downs :)
 * Michael Wilson


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