Re: ethics

From: Philip Sutton (
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 20:31:24 MDT

Hi Bill,

> I favor values for the happiness of all humans.

Humans are not the only life on Earth, let alone in the universe as a
whole. So any super-advanced AI is likely to move beyond the bounds
of Earth pretty soon - so whatever values we try to lock in need to be
relevant for relating in environments beyonds the earth....possibly well

And even on Earth super-advanced AIs are going to have to relate to
other super-advanced AI and with modified humans that may not
register anymore as 'human'.

Human-centredness is too limited in time and space to be *the* core

Friendliness to humans should be just one specific (very important)
outcome of a more fundamental or general friendliness ethic.

Cheers, Philip

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