RE: AI timeframes

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Apr 10 2004 - 05:17:14 MDT

> Because of the likely overall nature and
> complexity
> of engineering a practical AGI, I find it highly improbable that it
> will be successfully developed in a country that does not have a
> pervasive native engineering culture (US, Japan, and a small
> subset of
> Europe). It could happen elsewhere, but the odds do not favor it.
> You need a broad, extremely capable, and highly experienced
> engineering
> team to have a good shot in implementation, which you can't
> just throw
> together in most parts of the world.

China is very unlikely, but *Russia* is not such an outlandish

Russia is full of great engineers and mad scientists. They lack supreme
hardware firepower, but there's money in Russia to build big clusters of
commodity PC's, for sure.

In a similar vein, William Gibson's novel "Pattern Recognition" centers
on a Russian Mafioso who funds the creation of amazing artworks in a
completely secretive way by employing the labor of Russian prisoners.

There are dozens of Russians with their own whacky theories of AGI.
Maybe one of them will turn out to be right?

Ooops, better hurry up and get there first!!

-- Ben G

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