RE: Shapers, protocols and timescales.

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Apr 09 2004 - 06:57:23 MDT

> Ben Goertzel wrote;
> > However, I do *not* believe Eliezer is hiding a correct
> design for an
> > AGI due to security concerns.
> >From;
> 'You should have read through [Levels of Organization in
> General Intelligence] and understood it fully. The AI theory
> we will actually be using is deeper and less humanlike than
> the theory found in LOGI, but LOGI will still help you
> prepare for encountering it.'
> That does seem to be the only information on the current SIAI
> project architecture plans currently available to the public
> (plus whatever you extract from reading between the lines of
> the relevant SL4 posts).

Yes, I'm sure Eliezer is hiding SOME of his ideas, out of a combination
of motives.

Security may be one of his concerns; another may be the feeling he's
expressed that no one (or almost no one) understands his more subtle
ideas anyway.

Or maybe he's just afraid of my criticisms ;-) [joke!]

However, I stand by my prior statement that Eliezer is not hiding a
*correct* design for an AGI. Of course I don't know this for sure, but
I'm pretty confident.

Personally, I am hiding a LOT of my ideas about AGI, for my own
combination of motives. I'm hiding the general computer science ideas
about Novamente simply because the current written material on it is
still in rough form and not ready for dissemination. And I'm hiding the
code and software architecture details for security and
commercial-property reasons.

-- Ben

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