Michael Anissimov - SIAI Advocacy Director

From: Tyler Emerson (emerson@intelligence.org)
Date: Wed Apr 07 2004 - 13:42:50 MDT

The Singularity Institute announces Michael Anissimov as our Advocacy
Director. Michael has been an active volunteer for two years, and one of the
more prominent voices in the singularity community. He is committed and
thoughtful, and we feel very fortunate to have him help lead our advocacy.

In 2004 and beyond, Michael will represent SI at key conferences, engage in
outreach efforts to specific communities and individuals, and perform
writing tasks for communicating the Institute's mission to a wider audience.

Michael is avaiable for contact at anissimov@intelligence.org.

Tyler Emerson
Executive Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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