Re: On the subjective experience of consciousness

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 16:09:02 MST


You wrote:
"I'm seeing the same mistake here, and I don't think I should apologize for
pointing it out."

--- Apologize? Oh, absolutely not! Nothing to be sorry about, just
throwing around ideas :) We are both seeing the other's POV and thinking
"that is not quite right". At this point we need more data... and building
and experimenting with other minds appears to me to be an excellent way of
obtaining more data.

You wrote:
"To me it seems that people in the reductionist camp refuse to acknowledge
that the hard problem even exists, and continue to place the problem within
the domain of the easy problem."

--- Indeed, I think this is true. I have no ego-based stake in either
camp... I would just like to know the correct answers to *both* questions.
Perhaps, as has often been the case, the correct answers contain elements of
both POVs. I look forward to the "resolution" of the debate in the coming
years ;^)

Agreeing to disagree in spades...

Michael Roy Ames

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