Glia and cognition

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 15:40:41 MST

> > There is also another excellent article about the glia in the
> > brain. It seems that glia have a much more substantial role
> > in learning and memory than previously thought. This may
> > cause those who were neuron-centered to recalculate the
> > computational capacity of the brain with strong consideration
> > to glia which outnumber neurons 9 to 1..
> >
> > --Kevin

Very cool Kevin! -- I've read the article now. Inter-glial
communication: funky! The glial communication network may be able to
listen in on the neural network, communicate about what it hears, and
then respond back to the neural network in turn.

This kind of discovery reinforces my feeling that, for AGI work these
days, it's best to steer clear of neuroscience except as a general
source of conceptual inspiration. We just don't understand how the
brain works very well yet. This year it's intercommunicating glia --in
2005 or 2006, who knows?

If someone wants to base an AGI system on how the brain works, they
really just have to wait another N years to get started ... they'd be
better off to focus on building narrow-AI systems to help
neuroscientists analyze their data...

However, this of course doesn't mean it's useless to create
computational models inspired by the brain. "Neural net" computer
programs have been very interesting even though they bear only slight
resemblance to biological neural networks.

-- Ben G

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