Re: De-Anthropomorphizing SL3 to SL4.

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 20:53:20 MST


After reading your post (linked below) I would point out that many of your
questions are answered in articles on and addressed in
various SL4 threads (see the archives: One of your
comments did interest me, when you wrote: "I THINK YOUR'E ALL PARANOID". I
would agree that a number of us may appear to be paranoid from a casual
assessment. But it is the sort of paranoia that prompts a bomb disposal
expert to triple-check everything before cutting the blue wire. It is not
the kind of paranoia that indicates a need for medication to control
delusional fantasies.

Michael Roy Ames

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From: "Devon Fowler"

Hey Paul I don't know what epiphones you and Michael may have come to but
take a look at my rather rational utlitarian arugment here


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