Re: 'Singularity Realism' - A few thoughts

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 00:21:00 MST

I do pretty much go along with Benís comments.

Regarding terrorism, You may well imagine that where
I am now (New Zealand) people are relatively safe, but
it just isn't so. One of the world's biggest Muslim
nations (Indonesia) is right on the border of N.Z and
Australia, and there are strong fundamentalist
elements there. There is a small but real possibility
of an Indonesian invasion of Australia or N.Z. In
addition Australia is a target due to its alliance
with the United States, and recently copped the Bali
bombings. No where in the world is safe.

I think it's rather naive to think that fundamentalism
is largely a function of the economic conditions in
the Middle East. One could equally turn the
hypothesis around, and argue that the economic
conditions are caused by fundamentalism. Sure, more
democracy and fairer conditions would definitely help,
but I think ideology is just as big a culprit as the
conditions. There are plenty of uber-wealthy
(millionaire and even billionaire), well educated
Christen fundamentalists in the United States after
all. Many of the Middle Eastern governments are
actually more moderate than the people - it's the
fundamentalists that constrain the governments, not
visa versa. And there are plenty of ultra-wealthy and
well educated radical Muslims - in Saudi Arabia for

I intend to make a move to the States some time in the
next few years. But not to any of the major cities.
Especially not New York or Washington: two prime
candidates for another terrorist attack.

I like the look of the 'Free State Project' in New

Here's a real attempt to create an actual Semi
Libertarian society. They're aiming to get 20 000
Libertarians to make a move there initially. 6 000
are pledged so far. There's a good net-work of
Transhumanists and Libertarians being built up there.
There is also a sympathetic group of hard-core
'Survivalists', people who can prepare.

New Hampshire is relatively small , out-of-the-way and
has access to the ocean. It's also a strongly
defensive position. Much of the terrain is forest and
the winter's are freezing cold: factors which would
make life very difficult for any hostile incursion. A
Libertarian legislative could protect transhumanist
projects, and keep techno-phobes and the Federal
government off the backs of any transhumanist
Institutes. If the world goes to hell in a
hand-basket, NH could be the best place to be. If
the U.S Federal government collapsed, I think NH could
fend off the ensuring chaos. Even if the world
doesn't go to hell in a hand-basket, the Libertarian
experiment makes the State attractive to me. As the
Singularity approaches, that's the place I've chosen
to see in the 'End Times' (Transcension). And if it
goes wrong... thatís where I'll be making my 'last

"Live Free or Die, Death is not the Worst of Evils."
                                      - Gen. John Stark

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