RE: There are few books on AI

Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 20:19:10 MST

"I am now able to perceive magnetic fields in ways not naturally
possible. The sensation is different than holding a magnet, as the
neurons are stimulated with a higher resolution. With the implant I can
detect subtle changes in polarity and strength that I cannot when
equipped with a magnet in the conventional manner. Yet the most
significant observations have come from another property of implants,
their relative permanence to exogenous artifacts. Being able to perceive
magnetic fields has expanded my conscious perception of magnetic fields
‘in the wild’."

Many 'transhumanists' have long been in favor of artifically enhanced
senses. What do you think of this example? Crude, but interesting. I also
wonder exactly how it works. He says he can perceive polarity and detect
subtle differences in the fields, but I'm not sure how his neurons can
interpret the information from magnet and transform that into sensations
his brain experiences.

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