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Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 17:13:11 MST

--- mike99 <> wrote:
> The only thing shocking about this is that anyone
> would believe in the
> existence of this "secret report, suppressed by US
> defence chiefs and
> obtained by The Observer."
> Didn't they learn anything from the self-induced
> humiliation of the BBC?
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> > I'd give that a shock level of at least 4.
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SL4? I'd rate that as the SL1 rantings of an SL0
lunatic. The big 'global warming' catastrophe, if
anyone would bother to notice, only would happen long
after 2020, when humanity is almost certainly dead or
transhuman. The 'big change' in climate over the past
100 years has been a whopping, gigantic, enormous...
half a degree. No sources are cited for this 'secret
report'- indeed, no sources are cited at all. We have
no way to check sources and no way to confirm
Of all the existential risks, or even major risks, I'd
rate global warming as very far down on the list. For
the next decade or two, and probably beyond, I'm
predicting the worst that will happen is we'll get
some pretty weird weather. Come on... nanotech,
UFAI, nuclear weapons, terrorists, asteroids, Bush,
and unknown unknowns to worry about, and we're wildly
fretting about weird weather?!

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