RE: Zen singularity

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 21:17:51 MST

> > I think there are MANY possible goal-systems including a motivation for
> > change, not just goal-systems involving suffering-avoidance..
> What about non-goal systems? As long as there are "goal
> systems", of course
> there will be many of them. But there is only one non-goal system, which
> discards with the idea of either having goals or not having
> goals, or both,
> or neither...
> --Kevin

Hmmm... I agree that the concept of "goal-system" is limiting and there may
be plenty of interesting, complex dynamical systems out there that don't
have "goal systems" or anything like that...

My current working def'n of "intelligence" is "able to achieve complex goals
in complex environments" but it may be there are other useful
characterizations of intelligence that don't involve goals, or useful
definitions of mind that don't involve "intelligence" ...

I'm not so sure it's the case that there's only ONE "non-goal system",
though. There may be many kinds of complex, intelligent-ish dynamics whose
actions aren't conveniently modeled using the language of "goals"

-- Ben G

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