RE: The "democracy" question

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 10:52:16 MST

> Maybe we have to start investing in community capacity for good
> decision-making? - starting early so the capacity is more in evidence
> by the time we really need it.

Well, one way of addressing this is via the Global Brain Mindplex idea.. but
there are of course also less gee-whizzy, lower-tech approaches to the same

More concrete suggestions would be appreciated!

> Maybe we can find the few oases where communities are appracntly
> more capable of thoughtful/ participatory decision-making and we could
> trial discussions on transcension etc. in these contexts. this will seed
> some inform,ed ideas in the community and it will give us some
> experience in working democratically. And the feed-back we'd get
> would be good for us. We will get a much better idea of what people's
> concerns and hopes are and we get a mirror on our own ideas/
> rationality.

Sounds like an excellent idea.... I assume you're volunteering to initiate
this effort ;-))

Having a broad diversity of perspectives represented would be a really
interesting thing

I'm reminded of an interesting book I read recently, describing dialogues
between the Dalai Lama and several well-known scientists including Francisco
Varela ...

ben g

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