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Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 01:20:28 MST

when At 04:46 AM 2/17/04, you wrote:
>I haven't caught up with the last 3 days of discussion yet or read your
>new version of the paper (other than the first few paras).....but I'll
>venture a thought.
>I still think it's dangerous to think in terms of or write as if there is
>one AGI around - so when you talk about "AI Buddha" and "AI Big
>Brother" (which I know are figures of speech) I think it's very desirable
>to make them both plural - "AI Buddhas" and "AI Big Brothers". I think
>there's a greater chance of avoiding a megalomaniac AI or an AI with
>insufficiently broad perspective and any other risk from AI malfunction
>if there are multiple AGIs (that are not simply clones of each other).
>Cheers, Philip

Hi Ben, Philip,

I have been lurking and listening to your interesting conversations
. . . perhaps it is time to just jump in :-)

We should also consider RI (real Intelligence)
Augmented Intelligence (standard human with
augmented access technology)
and I have a cat that seems to think it
is smarter than me


PS. It is an imaginary cat you understand . . .

tmXxine Prototype 1 - upto to Feb 2004

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