RE: Positive Transcension

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Feb 15 2004 - 20:46:03 MST

> My point is that we can contribute most effectively to this process by
> increasing intelligence *at all functional points* within the global
> organism. It's happening anyway, with human intelligence already becoming
> augmented with media streams, personal computers, PDAs, mobile
> phones, all
> networked, with the trend toward ubiquitous intelligence all around and
> within us. We can't ignore the exponentionally enhancing power of
> networks.
> Rather than put all energy and hopes into a great Friendly AI to
> take over
> and protect us as in the myths of old, we would do better to
> place our faith
> (yes, faith of the Bayesian kind) in spreading knowledge over a much wider
> network of nodes and work with nature. Not one great AI, but innumerable
> augmented intellects.

This is very closely related to the "global brain" vision as developed
especially by Francis Heylighen.

I think it is a plausible possible future, but I also think that a rapidly
developing uber-AI could make it all irrelevant...

The future is notoriously hard to predict. One possibility is to carefully
control development of explicitly dangerous technologies like self-modifying
AGI and molecular assemblers, while encouraging growth of milder
technologies like the ones you describe. These milder technologies would
enhance our individual and collective intelligence, hopefully to the point
where we'd have more sense about how to launch the uber-AI's that will
really transform the universe ;-)


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