Re: In defense of physics

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Sun Feb 15 2004 - 12:47:21 MST

The Holographic Principle must be understand this way:

The event horizon of a black hole is indistinguishable
from the black hole('S interior). There isn't any
"interior" at all, the event horizon is a quantum
screen, most densely packed, encapsulated every single
bit of the black hole. No (naked) singularity inside.
No singularity in physics! There are quantum screens
everywhere, but not all of them that dense, as an event
horizon is. My window is a quantum screen, playing a
world behind it. You can put a quantum screen arbitrary
everywhere you want to. What is seemingly happening
behind it, is equal to the on screen events, in fact.
The resolution of the screen is (of course) 2 Plank's

A view, radical enough, to sound convincing to me. You
can find it in Lee Smolin's book Three Roads to Quantum
Gravity, for example.

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