Re: In defense of physics

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Sat Feb 14 2004 - 23:33:04 MST

> Actually, it's not that all information inside a sphere is being mapped
> onto the surface, but that the entanglement between the outside of the
> sphere and the inside is bounded by the area of the surface. But it would
> apply to any attempt at data storage.

then it is self evident!
I mean the maximum bandwidth that can be transferred from the inside of
sphere A to the outside, is evidently limited by the surface area. Imagine
having many little cables sticking out of the sphere, if the smallest cable
has planck diameter, then these are your degrees of freedom.
Even stuff that operates at a distance such as magnetic and gravitational
fields can be thought of as reducible to a single point value at each
position on the sphere since they add up along any one radius of the sphere.
Am I missing the genius behind this discovery? :-)


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