[REJOIN] aominux (+ Crocker's declaration)

From: Joseph Biberstine (aominux.five@verizon.net)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 22:12:10 MST

I feel the rejoin opportunity is a blessing for especially the younger members of the list.

I have a name, live in Indiana, and am a high school senior. I have applied to Purdue, Indiana University, University of California (Berkeley and San Diego campuses), University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and MIT. Where I'll enroll is yet undecided, but I believe I'd like to pursue cognitive science (whether as an undergrad or later). Should I attend a school without an undergrad cognitive science program, I suspect I will study computer science.

Currently, I am working with a professor in Purdue's Department of Health and Kinesiology. We are running an experiment based on his previous work. The study revolves around timing variability of repetitive discrete/continuous tasks. Pending interesting results, we should have a paper published on the results before the academic year is out.

I typically lurk the list, and idle in #sl4 occasionally (though not as often as I'd like).

Additionally, consider me Crockered.

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