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Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 20:40:52 MST


Monopoly control isn't required to exert a significant influence over a
population of interacting agents...

-- Ben
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  Hi Ben,

> I'm guessing that the best way to achieve driver B is some kind of
> superposition of A with the "invisible guiding hand" of a SysOpMind...
> a decentralized system of individual agents seeking to optimize their
> own selves in an ethical, compassionate ways -- but also a body of
> broadly-visionary agent-population-control systems that learn from the
> experiences of these individual agents and create new agents
> accordingly...

  Setting aside consideration of the desirability of what's suggested, given
the ease with which software-based AGIs can clone themselves how could "a
body of broadly-visionary agent-population-control systems" actually
exercise monopoly control over the creation of new agents? Reminds me of
Monsanto trying to control the propagation of 'their' seeds :)

  Cheers, Philip

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