RE: Ethical theories

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 17:37:01 MST

> Are we playing around with two drivers?

> - an urge to create a social system where all sentient beings with
> sufficient reflective power are expected to optimise their own lives in
> ways that are not at the expense of the other beings that are given
> moral regard

> - an urge to contribute to the unfolding of a more wonderful
> universe....... (but what constitutes a more wonderful universe would
> most likely be rather different for different beings)

And there's an idea -- in the philosophy of complex systems -- that
achieving your driver A is the best way to achieve driver B. Yet I'm not
entirely sure that is true....

I'm guessing that the best way to achieve driver B is some kind of
superposition of A with the "invisible guiding hand" of a SysOpMind... a
decentralized system of individual agents seeking to optimize their own
selves in an ethical, compassionate ways -- but also a body of
broadly-visionary agent-population-control systems that learn from the
experiences of these individual agents and create new agents accordingly...

-- Ben G

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