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Date: Sat Jan 31 2004 - 13:44:13 MST

Here are my views on a scientific approach to ethics:

However, my essay doesn't focus on meta-ethics (ie. how we choose the
purpose/ goal of a system) -- it just briefly argues that the rational
choice is 'Optimal Living' (individual human flourishing).


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I've been thinking a lot about ethical theory, and I'm wondering if anyone
knows of an ethical theory that has the same kind of structure as Imre
Lakatos's theory of "research programmes" (in the philosophy of science).

What I'm thinking of would be a theory of "ethical systems" rather than
ethical acts. It would agree that any one act may be ethical or not
depending on the ethical system within which you view the act. But it would
give some high-level criteria for judging ethical systems as wholes. ...

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