Re: What exactly is "panpsychism"?

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 04:02:13 MST

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 02:02:41 -0500
"Yan King Yin" <> wrote:
> I think David Chalmers and some other philosophers
> have got it right already, it's called functionalism.
> Basically any structure with information-processing
> abilities will generate qualia, and the qualia is
> *independent* of space-scale, time-scale, and
> substrate. It could be neurons, silicon, it could be
> intergalactic (if you can muster up so much energy),
> it could execute only 1 instruction per a million year.

So my PDA "generates qualia"? Is that the same as experiencing qualia or is it some other thing? This wonderful replacement for "ether" permeates all objects, organizations of matter/energy and all their known and most remotely possible interactions. I wonder exactly what good such a universally assumed something is.
If rocks have qualia then it is to be assumed that the moral will need be responsible for keeping rocks maximally happy. <sigh>

- s

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