Re: Friendliness and blank-slate goal bootstrap

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 04:15:19 MST

> No, it is not "modest". However, as an evolved sentient being, I have an
>overwhelming supergoal of survival and the survival of my kind. So I will
asked to be
>excused from lining up for the no doubt "humane" extermination of humanity
if the
>ever so inscrutable SAI decides it must be so.
> >I do not rule out that killing everyone off could
> > be a good idea.
> In that case I will not help you with any project you may undertake.
>By this statement you are a potential major enemy to much I hold dear.

You are being very honest and I respect your opinion as long as you know
exactly what you have said, i.e. that you have no choice in the matter since
you are an evolved being programmed to value personal survival above all

I've been dead for 20 billion years before I was born. That didn't feel too
bad. I have broken a nail yesterday, got weird stuff around my fingernail,
felt not so good. Is being dead wrong, or is staying dead wrong, or is dying
wrong? I am not sure. But let's drop the death discussion since it's too
controversial, my bad, shouldn't have mentioned it.

> If reality itself doesn't meet his exacting standards

Not mine, but the standards of a transhuman AI who has high confidence it
has achieved absolute moral knowledge, and who is faced with the necessity
of making a quick choice without the possibility of going back to try again.

>If the "interpretation" was what convinced you of the advanced civilization
residing in
>a soap bubble in your bath, then it is certainly not true that you can now
drop your
>mere needless interpretation and let the soap-bubble super-civilization go
on its

It's not my theory, I just like it :)
If you read the essay and still are convinced that it is nonsensical, you
can mail the author.


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