Re: Friendliness and blank-slate goal bootstrap

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 01:03:34 MST

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004 11:07:06 -0500
"Ben Goertzel" <> wrote:

> You're arguing that death can be either good or bad, depending on who dies
> and what replaces them.
> That sounds to me like you're agreeing with Metaqualia that death in itself
> is morally neutral.
> I.e., "can be morally good or morally bad" ==> "is morally neutral"
> [If you argue that it's bad more often than it's good, then you're arguing
> against neutrality...]
> Also, I think that by "killing off everyone" he means "killing off all
> humans" not "killing off all beings and leaving the universe a completely
> blank void".

Well, he covered that. If reality itself doesn't meet his exacting standards then reality must be destroyed. It is amazing he calls those who object merely to the extinction of all humans "immodest".

- samantha

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