Re: "friendly" humans?

From: Perry E. Metzger (
Date: Fri Jan 02 2004 - 15:59:31 MST

Lawrence Foard <> writes:
> You might be able to make a general statement. That which an organism
> acts so as to continue experiencing is good, that which an organism seeks
> to avoid is bad. But it has some problems already.

For example, what happens when two organisms have a serious conflict
in behavior.

> Of course that tells you that heroin is good and work is bad.

So many of my friends have told me.

> So your AI
> goes and ships everyone off to the "work free drug place" after making
> some adjustments to there opiate systems so they never gain a tolerance,
> or die from massive doses of all the best drugs a super smart being can
> whip up ]:)

One might, indeed, ask why that wouldn't be the ideal sort of
situation for all of us. (I argue that the question is meaningless,
since there is no definition of ideal, but....)


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