Re: "friendly" humans?

From: Perry E. Metzger (
Date: Fri Jan 02 2004 - 14:13:53 MST

Nick Hay <> writes:
> I agree that our attempts at deceiving an SI will likely fall short. I
> think that your attempted solution will likely fall short, just like
> any other methods we try to think up (as described below). But why try
> this in the first place? Why treat this SI as an adversary to be bound
> to our will? In so much as we're creating a mind, why not transfer the
> desire to do good, in a cooperative sense, rather than attempting to
> apply corrections to some "innate nature"?

There is no definition of "The Good", so it would be rather difficult
to transfer the desire to do it to a creature when we can't really
determine what "it" is ourselves.

(I strongly argue that there is no such thing as "the good" outside of
the context of a subjective set of desires on the part of one desirer,
but that's another story.)

Perry E. Metzger

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