Re: An essay I just wrote on the Singularity.

From: Robin Lee Powell (
Date: Wed Dec 31 2003 - 12:32:51 MST

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 12:48:52PM -0500, Ben Goertzel wrote:
> It's just not true that humans developing strong nanotech will
> *necessarily* lead to destruction.

Agreed. However I, personally, see it as far more likely than for
any previous technology (all one of them: nukes). Mostly because
you can accidentally create grey goo, but you can't accidentally
bomb the world to the stone age.

> So far as preparing for the future goes, the most important thing
> is to get ourselves -- individually and collectively, with
> whatever human and/or AI intelligence is available -- in a mental
> position that is capable of dealing adequately with the advent of
> wild surprises. This is much more important than planning for any
> particular conjectural contingency.

I think that's a good point.


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