Re: Affective computing: Candy bars for the soul

From: David K Duke (
Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 10:15:12 MST

>> Double whammy. While men are instigating some very potent emotional
>> jealousy from their wives, they'll meanwhile drift toward an emotional
>> detachment from them.
>> I feel sorry for the woman of 2015.

> Why? Seems like a silly thing to worry about. Of course people will
> end up with emotional bonds with artificial intelligences -- and I
> don't really see how that will be terribly awful. In the long run,
> we
> all will be running on non-biological substrate, and I don't see
> why
> discriminating in favor of biology is a good thing in the long run.

        The entire concept of bonding with one individual could be wiped
out. Individualism in more Singularity-and-beyond sentiences may be
irrelevant and even counterproductive to, say, achieving Apotheosis.
Besides that, there's no reason the women won't be downloading their next
boyfriend from Kazaa as well as the men.

> Perry


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