Re: Jaron Lanier

From: Emil Gilliam (
Date: Sun Nov 30 2003 - 18:48:13 MST

On Nov 30, 2003, at 8:22 PM, Mitchell Porter wrote:

>> The real value of what Lanier is saying is that he is "poking the
>> bear".
> If and when someone finds macroscopic quantum coherence in
> the brain, then there'll be a new interest in the metaphysics of
> mind. Until that day, classical AI and classical mind uploading will
> remain the focus of the superintelligentsia, and all philosophical
> musings will be shrugged off as language games.

Nitpick: The term "Classical AI" usually means GOFAI, which is not the
same thing as the much weaker claim that *some* computer program can be
a strong AI. I assume you mean the latter here.

- Emil

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