an off-side comment about Friendliness

From: ktpr (
Date: Sun Nov 30 2003 - 13:20:23 MST

I want to make an off-side comment about Friendliness
that helps me understand its' feasibility:

All social problems are best solved on a social level.
Because the problem "type" and solution match, a
deeper and pervasive cure can be applied. (That's
assuming you can figure out what to do in the first

That being said, however, social problems can often be
presented on a technological platform. For instance, a
massive real-time web broadcast of genocide would
allow me to reach far more people than TV or the
newspaper. These people in turn would inform their
friends and awareness of a social problem grows.

Because Friendliness is a social problem, the role of
technology in solving it is diminished. It's a problem
fixed in the social arena and defined by outsiders.
But it's entirely feasible that the problem can be
presented on a technological level and, eventually,
solved to some extent. This is how I see Friendliness
as being feasible.


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