META: Moderation

From: Emil Gilliam (
Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 17:43:15 MST

> I think it makes considerable sense, but I suspect that if I were to
> give my honest opinion of why speculation was more tolerated than a
> concrete discussion of computer architecture I'd become persona non
> grata immediately.

*Sigh*. Although I am the appointed List Sniper, the sniping I do
reflects the tastes and whims of Emil Gilliam only, not the list owner
or anyone else.

Several red flags went up at once in the Jaron Lanier thread, and I
became sufficiently annoyed to take action. Since several people have
brought up valid concerns over my judgment, I have reconsidered and
declare that the discussion of architectures is semi-tolerated again,
but you are advised to keep the posts interesting.

- Emil

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