Re: Jaron Lanier

From: Yan King Yin (
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 12:39:41 MST

From: "Tomaz Kristan" <>
>What I see, is a frequent (and in my mind unnecessary)
>revolt against a perfectly rational knowledge system.
>Holism was all against the analytic scientific method.
>Allegedly, we shouldn't divide the world, but left it
>intact, if we are after the truth. That was Holism all
>about. It never proved its point, however. Recently,
>some antievolutionist demanded a "broader view" to the
>evolution. Failing to prove a thing. It's the same
>story here again. Turing and Shannon supposedly haven't
>left enough place for "the vital part".

Is it true that of the 42 million transitors in
the Pentium 4, there is no fault-tolerance
mechanism? If any one transitor fail the chip
will not function? I'm not sure, but if that's
true this is quite amazing.


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