RE: Pattern recognition

From: Mike Williams (
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 22:52:32 MDT

The complexity could be reduced through the use of hierarchical
organization and inheritance, similar to an object-oriented system. For
example, if I want to refer to universe.solarsystem.planets. (incomplete and inaccurate, but
work with me here...) and we agree that our conversation refers to
everything within the domain of
northamerica.flora, then I would only need to say herb-mint-green for
you to know what I'm referring to. If I then want to refer to some kind
of, I'd need to prefix that with enough of the framework so
you could make the leap. We already use prefixes, suffixes, roots, etc
in our words to accomplish some of the same effect.

>It seems obvious to me that an unambiguous linguistic representation
would be
prohibitively large, since it would have to have roughly the same
>as the concepts being represented (Incompleteness theorem?).

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