Re: Pattern recognition

From: Perry E. Metzger (
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 14:31:41 MDT

Stephen Reed <> writes:
> On 7 Oct 2003, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> > Stephen Reed <> writes:
> > > Cyc has three separate vocabularies for representing color,
> > > addressing the issues raised by Ferrer i Concho and Sol. At one
> > > extreme is the concise notions of ChristmasColors and
> > > HalloweenColors color schemes that utilize fuzzy sets
> > > RedColor/GreenColor and OrangeColor/BlackColor. On the other
> > > extreme is the RGB color vocabulary that defines a color in
> > > terms of its measurements of Red, Green and Blue light.
> >
> > For most colors perceived by humans, there are two ways to generate
> > the perceived color -- either by the use of varying intensities of
> > red, green and blue light, or by using a single light of some given
> > frequency. Thus, Cyc does not unambiguously describe colors even given
> > what you are describing. :)
> I do not understand your point. Is the color phenomenon ambiguous simply
> because there are two methods of generation?

Well, that does produce an ambiguity, doesn't it.

> Or if that is not the case
> then I say that one of Cyc's RGB color representations is unambiguous
> given its vocabulary for stating the intensity of the red, green, and
> blue light that make up the perceived color.

But of course, it is not obvious that the RGB representation is
sufficiently accurate to unambiguously describe all colors.

In any case, it is likely impossible to produce a completely
unambiguous representation of the real world.

Perry E. Metzger

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