Re: Friendliness and blank-slate goal bootstrap

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 23:01:14 MDT

> But very hard because there are so many levels. Its quite possible that
> for virtually any test of pain based on nerve signals, you could find
> someone who enjoys it rather than hates it :)

This could be in principle be tested today, just take two people, for one a
certain activity is pleasurable, for one it is not. Scan their brains while
they are doing that thing, and find out what's different. Repeat with
different people, different activities. Find that one neural process that is
always present with real pain and never with "twisted pleasure deriving from
theoretically painful activities". Label that evil, you have an objective
morality grounded in physical evidence and observer-independent. [assuming
you can trust people's report about whether an activity was pleasant or
unpleasant - a perfect pain-reducing machine would see beyond incorrect
reports, ideally]


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