RE: Recruiting?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 10:48:45 MDT

Ahhh... a few scattered comments...

1) working with volunteers on a subject this difficult is very hard! though
when it works it can of course be very rewarding

2) By far the best way to recruit volunteers is by personal contacts...
although I've found a couple great people via general email solicitations on
lists like this one...

3) Finding enthusiastic volunteers is a lot easier than finding those with
the actual time to work on one's project, and the discipline to work
regularly, and the ability to communicate clearly and work on a distributed

While we've had some great stuff done by volunteers, the bulk of the work on
our Novamente project has wound up being done by people being paid to do
commercial applications of the Novamente system, and doing bits and pieces
of general AI "along the way" ....

-- Ben G

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Subject: Recruiting?

Suppose one wanted to start a volunteer general AI project based on a novel
algorithm. Where would one go to find enthusiastic volunteers to help?

I suppose at least some on this list should have experience with this.


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