Re: Friendliness and blank-slate goal bootstrap

From: Aaron McBride (
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 00:29:33 MDT

Metaqualia wrote:

>The difference between "oh, I seem to have lost a finger" and "OUCH!"
Well... I think I'm just as lost. The difference there is a pain signal
that's designed to trigger certain neural circuitry (the part that would
have me saying more than "ouch"). That can't be be all that you mean
because that's as easy to build as a motion tracking web cam.

I'd be happy to continue this conversation in the chat room, but as it
stands I don't feel that we understand each other well enough to talk
about stuff like what's below.

>I am suggesting that it isn't clear how you can formulate "cutting people's
>fingers is wrong" unless you have experienced an "ouch".

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