Feasibility: 100% Bayesian systems

From: Metaqualia (metaqualia@mynichi.com)
Date: Sun Oct 05 2003 - 22:36:26 MDT

Would the set of all bayesian probability data necessary to replicate a
100IQ human be prohibitively large and therefore impossible to store on a
modern supercomputer? (exclude the visual cortex, just think common sense
reorganized in a bayesian fashion)

Would the lookup time for a moderately complex thought be too long in such
system? (imagine that all probabilities are stored on a hard disk).

Programming tricks, compression, anything goes to reduce the size - but
after nothing more can be done and it's just a matter of rough storage space
and speed, are 100% bayesian human equivalent AIs theoretically possible or
impossible to implement with present off the shelves technology?

Is there any use for alternatives to bayes a cognition paradigms?


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