RE: Pattern recognition

From: Mike Williams (
Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 14:49:32 MDT

  Thanks for the additional notes on this piece, but whether the topic
was actually studied at a university or not, if you understood the
piece, it makes its own case. To a certain degree anyway, since
figuring out anagrams sometimes takes considerable effort. Programming
a spellchecker/grammar checker to check this kind of paragraph would be
interesting, considering the number of permutations needed.
  There are similar claims that displaying only the top half of each
letter is similarly understandable, again, based on humans' tendency to
recognize patterns.
  I'm personally interested in the number of misunderstandings that
occur due to language--the stock market dives if Greenspan uses the
wrong adjective, world leaders have teams of people polish their
speeches to check each nuance of meaning, etc. Does anyone know of any
studies on designing a true "grammar" for humans, in the sense of a
fully defined, unambiguous grammar such as those used for computer

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