Re: Progress, and One road or many to AI?

From: Kwame Porter-Robinson (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 09:05:57 MDT

> The efficacy is independent of the kind of
> data since it codes
> patterns in the abstract.
Some more questions, if you can stand them: Since it
codes patterns in abstract have you tested it against
"junk" material to ensure a control to compare

And would it be worth it to run this code upon two
types of related datasets, such as a code tree and the
corresponding documentation? Or perhaps, even upon
itself, or would that meaningless?

> It won't be released in a developmental stage
> regardless. The code base is
> quite small and clean but also very intricate; it
> would be very difficult to
> hack...

Not to offend, but anything can be hacked and there's
always someone smarter than you, so don't let that
hold you back. If you had the code tied up in some
kind hedge investment and legalities prevented you,
than sure, don't release it.

I just want to get on my soap box here very quickly
before I get sniped off. I'll make this short:

If anyone approaches AGI, but it is funded via some
kind of commercialization scheme, mankind will not see
Singularity from it. It's a catch-22 though cause you
want to make money, but would like to move things
along towards the Singularity. You have to look at who
legally controls the code and decide which is more
important; money or Man.

Well it sounds like you have something really swell.
I'll be looking out for your company, when you figure
out a name.


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