Re: Progress, and One road or many to AI?

From: Cliff Stabbert (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 19:37:44 MDT

James Rogers wrote:

JR> (For those that don't know what "convergence" translates into, it
JR> essentially is the measure of the ability of a system to discover
JR> and efficiently encode complex patterns in an arbitrary system.
JR> The resource roll-off is the result of efficient high-order models
JR> automatically being generated as it is exposed to data, classic
JR> Kolmogorov compression. In a sense, it measures the ability of a
JR> given system to grok the essence of another system it is modeling
JR> in some finite amount of space, in a very pure mathematical
JR> fashion. In the case of my software, actual performance is now
JR> very close to the theoretical limit in this regard.)

This is *very* impressive news, James; congratulations! I look
forward to reading a lot more about this one day.

Meanwhile, what do I win? A teddy bear? The newly discovered by your
engine shortest possible (517-byte) Gödel proof? j/k


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