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From: Alexander Mayboroda (aku_aku@mail.ru)
Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 02:53:27 MDT

I see this mailing list - a good place for discussions.
And I have many topics.

Coming back to the concept of knowledge of impossible.
It was remarks which has arisen spontaneously but it's not casual.
It is based on my understanding of ideas suggested by the Stanislaw Lem.
Those who read his books will agree that
he has really not ordinary approach.
I shall quote his one statement:
" There is no mind if there are minds of different capacity "
In this book (Golem XIV) he is consistently carry out
the technological point of view on various problems.
Many of these problems deeply philosophical.
What is the technology -- I quote:
"The Technology is a sphere of delivered tasks,
and also methods of their solutions"
>From this position I also spoke about knowledge of impossible.
Task on development of that that has the name but is not filled knowledge.
And without regard to it AI will be developed.
Why I so sure.
The task is put and it will be solved.
To state here all proofs for doubting I have'nt an opportunity. Criticize.
I think that this book
Stanislaw Lem
Golem XIV
most precisely expresses the concept of Singularity.
Should become the reference book of all
who supports this concept.

Specially for those who has reached to that of a place.
This letter may cause imperception.
In general may remain imperceptible.
I do not know all answers.
But precisely I know some questions which it is necessary to put.

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