Re: [SL4] brainstorm: a new vision for uploading

From: Mitchell Porter (
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 19:09:57 MDT

>Without strong friendliness (in the aikido sense) then at least some of
>the super intelligence will be harnessed to making hyper
>"superweapons (especially "grey goo")".

I tend to agree. An "awakening" SI might find its situation akin to
waking up in a house full of children playing with matches. What are
its options, if it cares about the outcome? It can confiscate the
matches, fireproof everything (children, house, itself), play nanny
(a lengthy process), or give the kids an adult brain-graft (instant

I suppose the AI design issue is whether "strong Friendliness"
requires some extra starting feature that "standard" Friendliness
doesn't have. It does seem a bit unFriendly to let the house burn
down, so I think any reasonable criterion of Friendliness should
implicitly cover this.

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