Re: website redesign preview

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 15:34:03 MDT

My response is: Great! Well done Tyrone!

Its definitely an improvement over the original.

My only critisism is the colouring, which seems a tad
too monochrome. I appreciate that this gives it a
professional look but IMHO it could do with a little
bit of zest too. Perhaps move it a touch into the
green direction instead of just the grey/blue.

Simon G.

 --- Christian Rovner <> wrote: >
Tyrone Pow has been working on this new design for
> SIAI's website:
> Thanks to Ziana Astralos for the handshake logo.
> We would like to hear your comments before it goes
> officially online.
> --
> Christian Rovner
> Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence,

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