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Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 03:16:11 MDT runs on the same server as I am posting some of the
discussion of this:

David McFadzean wrote:
> AOL is blocking all mail sent from with this message
> Needless to say, the server is not a dial-up or dynamic-ip. The IP is
> and the reverse DNS resolves to Any
> suggestions?
> David

Hal Finney wrote:
> I saw something about AOL blocking connections from "residential" IPs
> at slashdot a few months ago,
> One of the
> replies there pointed to I have not
> looked at this closely but the page begins, "AOL has developed this
> site for Internet users who are experiencing problems sending e-mail
> to AOL or for people who have questions about AOL's e-mail and junk
> e-mail policies."
> Other recent slashdot complaints about problems due to AOL's spam
> blocking policy:
> Hal

Pat Inniss wrote:
> AOL has blocked e-mail from EarthLink several times, sometimes for days
> before it was corrected. Their explanation was that their spam filters
> kick in when a certain, undisclosed number of messages are received
> simultaneously from a single IP. It didn't really have anything to do
> with whether the server was an open relay (a mail server that will send
> mail from any requestor) or not. None of the EarthLink servers were open
> relays, although it is not inconceivable that a spammer might have sent
> e-mail through one of their servers. AOL apparently just has a system
> that is sensitive to volume, and that's the primary criterion it uses to
> ID spam. When that threshold is breached, it blocks everything from the
> sending IP, although sometimes they do appear to block specific domains
> in the sender's address. A couple of years ago it took EarthLink ten
> days to sort it out with AOL, so fixes don't necessarily happen quickly.
> This isn't anything that unusual. AOL has a reputation for blocking
> traffic from e-mail lists. Check out
> Regards,
> Pat Inniss

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