ANNOUNCE: new Broderick/Barnes singularity novel

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 15:31:57 MDT

I'm happy to announce (ta rah!) that the latest Broderick&Barnes novel,
*The Hunger of Time*, is just today released by eReads and available as a
download from, at

with Anders Sandberg's handsome cover art displayed and all! Not only that,
they've made it their lead title at

This is the full-length grown-up expansion of our previous novella-length
singularity-and-after tale, published only in Australia, "Stuck in Fast
Forward". It's more of a frolic than *Transcension*, but at least it does
have a new explanation for the history of the universe. :) The style has
been called Heinlein-meets-Connie Willis, which is fair enough, although
really it's Broderick-meets-Rory Barnes.

At the moment I believe it's only available (in various formats) as an
e-book, but I hope shortly to see it available as a print-on-demand perfect
bound printed book from its primary publisher, Richard Curtis's eReads, at

Damien Broderick

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