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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 07:40:24 MDT

Damien wrote,
> The list appears to have fallen eerily silent. Has everyone Transcended?

I was wondering that myself. I joined the list about a week ago and thought
I would read a while before jumping in. It didn't help. :-)

Anyway, here is my introduction to the list.

My interests include cyber security, making things really work, verifying
that things work like we think, developing working methodologies, and
debugging processes to see where they fail.

I have real-world experience running my own consulting business for the past
decade, going through a venture-capital dot-com upstart and shutdown,
working on top-secret black-ops government projects (a long time ago, no
more), and being involved in the Extropians List from the beginning. (I was
the very first paid member back when the list was first formed in the late

An intro to my public speaking engagements, published works, software
products I helped develop, and the like are at my website
<>. An intro to my consulting business is at our website
<>. An intro to some standard security references are at

My certifications in security are listed in my signature. I also just took
my CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) test. I have an Associate's
degree in Computer Science, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration,
and minors in Science Education, Biology, and Psychology.

I started college at age 16. After two years, I was making more money in my
part-time computer consulting job than teacher's made, so I rounded off my
computer science into the A.S. and switched my major to Business
Administration to pursue my own goals.

I have been on the Extropians List since the beginning. I was the first
paid subscriber when that list started and went off beta mode. I have
served on the ExI Board of Directors. I spoke at Extropy-5. I have been an
Alcor member signed up for a decade. I am a WTA member. I have been an LEF
member since the 1980's and have been trying to transcend my natural
lifespan for over two decades. I helped Natasha brainstorm Pro-Act. I am
seriously interested in real results, and often become discouraged at how
much energy is wasted doing little.

Harvey Newstrom, CISM, CISSP, IAM, IBMCP, GSEC
Certified InfoSec Manager, Certified IS Security Pro, NSA-certified
InfoSec Assessor, IBM-certified Security Consultant, SANS-cert GSEC
<> <>

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