Re: Matrix Reloaded Non-Review

From: Durant Schoon (
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 11:32:55 MDT

> The possibilities for making a compelling movie with a workable theory
> of AI are rather less than that of making, say, a summer blockbuster
> about partial differential equations. AI morality, and AI in general,
> is *intrinsically* anti-dramatic.
> - Emil Gilliam

I can imagine a dramatic piece which exploits our anthropomorphic
expectations about AI's, leading the audience through a short
gauntlet of predictable cliches. But by the end, of course, each
false assumption is shredded in a surprising and interesting way,
with curious consequences. Ah oh, throw a little boy-meets-girl-
and-is-rewarded-and-recognized-by-his-tribe in there for good
measure...maybe even contrast this with what an AI would go
through to show how the dramas are entirely different.

As for the summer blockbuster about partial differential equations:
Visualize a dark and stormy night...alone on a precipice, back lit
by frequent lightning, there stands a rain-soaked rebel, an orphan
of the night. Her name is Dx/Dy ...

Durant Schoon

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