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From: Matt Stewart (
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 19:33:30 MDT

"I'm afraid the chances of uber machines destroying the world is far far
smaller than the chances of you just being off your medication." - Barkley Vowk

"I don't have any faith in a small INBRED group of people going off and
trying to whip something together without any mistakes when any mistake
could be fatal in the biggest way possible. I want as many eyes as possible
on the project. Yes, the more people who see it, the better the possibility
that people might steal the ideas and try to go for an illegal AI but I
believe that the probability of success of such is much less than the
probability of a big problem if you don't get as many eyes as possible on
the original project." - Mark Waser

The probability that these people know the probabilities they claim to is probably
small. Many people seem to be writing arguments supported by comparisons
between the probabilities of events they know nothing about (Barkley would seem
to be joking in his statement, however it didn't seem so after reading the previous
posts from him). Certain cases where probabilities can effectively be contrasted
are fine and dandy, but these posts recently have gotten out of hand .

I have never posted before now. I prefer to just read, but some of these posts
by some people have gotten unbearable.

Matt Stewart (Rotaerk)

P.S. I am not just picking on Vowk and Waser. There have been plenty other cases.


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