RE: Any suggestions?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 13:23:46 MDT

Hey man... I'll take it ;-)

I believe the school libraries of my kids' schools would accept some of
them, and I'd happily keep the rest for my sci-fi-maniac teenage son to rip
through at his usual breakneck pace... (I might even read a few myself,
though I don't have that much time for reading fiction lately.)

Cost of shipping is a potential issue, but my recollection is that one can
ship boxes of books fairly cheaply at a special "book rate," which I could
probably afford.

If you're interested, let's continue the discussion offlist

-- Ben Goertzel

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> Subject: Any suggestions?
> For personal reasons, I must clear out my library.
> I don't want to throw out or burn it, and most places I've looked,
> like the library, are not interested in my collection.
> I would also like to keep it together and get it to someone who would
> appreciate having it.
> Do you have any suggestions for what I could do with
> literally several thousand books, mostly paperback and
> 95%+ science fiction?

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